Telehealth-The “Other Kind”

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So often when we think of electronic access to doctors, we think of patients who have no personal physicians receiving quick and convenient treatment for a relatively simple malady using digital channels. BUT. Another, very different and perhaps even more important application of the technology is in the area of second opinions, from true experts, concerning serious and complicated cases.

Consider this description, for example, of a top-drawer service that provides world-wide access to the cream of the Boston medical crop.  As the verbiage sets forth, for 200 years people have been traveling to Boston to get the best medical care. The ability to do so virtually is a logical next step.

Bottom Line. In the “good old days” of pharmaceutical marketing, drug companies treasured their lists of “opinion leaders,” i.e., practitioners who were big deals in their local communities. In 2017 and beyond, it will be interesting to see how centralized services like Partners’ offering will impact the ways in which ideas spread and marketing activities are conducted!

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