Andrea Bonifacio-Gianzana

Vice President

Andrea brings to ThinkGen over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. He has covered different positions in the US, Global, Europe, and Latin America and speaks five languages. He has become an expert in understanding the needs of marketing and sales departments as well listening to the ‘voice’ of the physician and patient.

Andrea started working during his career for primary care brands for asthma, bone disease and launching new diabetes treatments. Starting in 2010, his responsibility included hospital brands and acute care products. He launched three new antibiotics, was responsible for a large portfolio of hospital products, and worked close with HIV societies.

His passions are people and finding a way to successfully provide products to physicians that will increase their ability to better treat patients and as the ultimate goal, increase their quality of life.

Andrea has a MA from the University of Vienna and a Master from the Medical University of Vienna