About Us

ThinkGen was founded in 2010 and has had a successful history delivering actionable results that help clients thrive in competitive and complex markets. Our team brings together both market research expertise from the vendor side, and long-term marketing and sales experience from the client side.


We are committed to delivering solutions that will improve the business decisions our clients make. We share in your sense of urgency to produce timely responses to your commercial research needs.


We excel at matching the right approach to each engagement, where we draw from an existing toolbox of techniques and/or develop new methods for any specialized situation.


We are committed to delivering top quality strategic insights in our interactions with clients, and in all of the documents issued by our organization.


Our success stems from the fact that we collaborate on every project to deliver unique and actionable insights. We are focused on action and results, and constantly maintain a high level of dedication and enthusiasm.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

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