Talk About Goofy!!!

No, I am not referring to the nice group of Advanced Practice Nurses in N.J., pictured above.  Check this out. What you will see is a movement toward using the clinical skills of almost 10,000 of these practitioners to provide medical care without the current requirement that they must work with “physician collaborators.” What does a physician collaborator do? Not provide the day-to-day supervision that you might have  guessed. Nope. A physician collaborator has agreed to review one case a year with the APN.  

That’s goofy. Especially because if the RN losses her physician collaborator, her ability to deliver medical care dries up and blows away.  

Bottom Line. Around and around we go. So many goofy state laws trying to sidestep any real decisions as to what various kinds of non-M.D. “providers” can do, and under what terms.  

I guess this will all be settled once and for all. Someday!!!

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