Surviving Covid Winter

Check this out. Penned by Rada Jones, the pithy ER doctor pictured here, this is a “handy dandy  guide” for how we should all go about getting through the next few months. Cold outside, COVID cases rising rapidly, virtual schooling with the kids at home and other factors frankly make a survival guide sort of necessary.  

She makes 20 good basic suggestions. She recommends turning off the news. Good thinking. Wolf Blitzer’s breathless reporting of today’s death rate has gotten really old. Accept the current situation as reality. Never a bad idea. Make a plan for what happens if you get sick. Take it from one who was caught flat footed on this one, and make that plan. I didn’t, and as a result had (dis)organizational stress added to the impact of the virus itself.  

Without a doubt, the most important hint she saves for last. #20.

Bottom Line. “Finally, remember that this too shall pass.”  


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