Straight Talk

Check this out.  What you will see is another take on the vaccine effectiveness confusion issue we discussed in the previous post. Here, the Astra-Zeneca Oxford vaccine, marketed in Europe, gets thrown under the same efficacy shortfall bus that yesterday we saw bedevil J&J in the U.S.  

Why? As this article says, “… the two (organizations) bear responsibility for confusing data reports and a general lack of transparency, resulting now in a mishmash of authorizations around the world.”

Nice work. The article further discusses the lack of willingness of the company representatives to provide clear answers to questions that have been posed in an attempt at clarification of the underlying issues.  

Bottom Line. As the title of the article suggests, “straight talk” might be the best way for AZ Oxford, and by implication for J&J, to get out of this morass of confusion.  

It usually is!

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