Stop Hate For Profit

Check this out. What you will learn is that Pfizer, Novartis and other pharmaceutical companies had withdrawn their advertising from Facebook a few months ago as a part of a brand boycott, “Stop Hate for Profit,” designed to get social media to take responsibility for monitoring the content of their sites. Now, persuaded that FB is taking steps to eliminate racism, antisemitism and other hate speech from their site, the drug makers are returning their advertising. BUT. They will continue to monitor the situation, and pull their advertising again if they feel that the hate speech has returned.  

Please note. Hate speech can go way beyond just talking and offending. As the shootings in Kenosha demonstrated, for example, lives are on the line when social media are used to bring agitators from other states into an already explosive situation. 

Bottom Line. As this article makes very clear, it is one thing for Facebook to have a “policy,” and another thing entirely for it to enforce that policy.  

Keep your eyes on this one. It is important stuff!

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