Spit Kit Coming Soon to a Pharmacy Near You???

23andme Interesting. Up until now, you had to order your 23andMe sample kit from the company and wait for it to arrive before you could provide a saliva sample for genotyping. But, according to this article, you may soon be able to pick up your “spit kit” at your local Walgreens. Why does this article pique my interest? I’m thinking that partnerships and distribution channels will become increasingly important in the future of health care. Pick the right strategic combination for your product and you can win big. Screw up these choices and you can go down the tubes pretty quickly. But how does one evaluate such choices? Here, my initial thinking is that by putting their kits on shelves, 23andMe can appeal to those people (like me!) who are sort of “fire, ready, aim.” You know, us folk who like immediate gratification and who might not take the “extra step” of having to order the kit and wait for it to arrive. BUT. How about the impact of their using this distribution channel on the popular perception of the science behind the product? Does the pharmacy environment enhance it, or does the “rack job” display detract from it? Bottom Line. Time will tell. Let’s see what we can learn from this!  

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