“Shadowing” In Health Care

Check this out. What you will see is an argument that it is a shame that there is not more of an opportunity for “shadowing” in healthcare. If you are thinking about being an attorney, you can go watch one at work in a court room. Dad a plumber and you are thinking about being one too? Go spend a day with him on the job. Thinking about becoming a doctor? You find science interesting, but what is being a doctor really like? What patient care situation will allow a university student “in” to discover if the world of medicine is really something to which they should dedicate 14 years of study and the rest of their lives?

Bottom Line. Here’s the kicker. Medical schools and Physician Assistant programs often require 100’s of hours of “documented” shadowing for consideration for admission. Schools understandably want applicants to know what it is like to be an HCP. BUT. Privacy issues and the sheer number of potential applicants make finding shadowing opportunities a challenge.


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