Robots That Draw Blood

Check this out.  What you will see (skip the ad!!!) is a brief video showing a couple of physicians reporting on a newly developed robot that uses advanced technology to do a much better job of drawing a blood sample than that typically done by a tech looking around for a viable vein. Hey! I am a “tough stick,” so I watched this video with great interest. I actually left a doctor’s practice several years ago because his blood drawing staff was prone to “wildcat drilling” that often came up with “dry holes.” One of the commenting doctors suggested that if enough such devices are developed with different purposes, physicians may eventually get put out of business. They will be obsolete. His colleague, on the other hand, noted a certain discomfort with a blood drawing process that doesn’t allow him to yell “Stop.” Bottom Line. But there is a bigger point here. As one looks at various diagnostic and treatment interventions, which ones will go robotic based on technical superiority, and which ones will remain in the hands of doctors because patients want “high touch?”  Think about it!

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