“Richard, Take Your Medication,” Says Alexa

Check this out. What you will see is a fascinating little piece of technology. WebMD “Med Reminders,” delivered by audio through Alexa, that will/should/might increase patient drug adherence.  

Why the equivocation? Simple. Patients’ lack of adherence to drug regimens is only partly the result of forgetting to take the medication. Inconvenience, cost, side effects and myriad other factors weigh in here. Nonetheless, Alexa’s reducing the impact of patients’ forgetfulness seems like a good idea and worthy of pursuit.  

Bottom Line. When I look at this new service that Amazon is offering, the word “integration” comes to mind. The excitement in the next few years won’t be isolated parlor tricks like Alexa telling me to take my meds. It will be found in enhanced functionality and connectivity of various devices. Huh? For example, my Apple Watch senses an irregular heart beat and Alexa asks, “Richard, are you okay?” and calls 911 if she doesn’t get an answer.

Lots of possibilities!  

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