Rethinking Your Commute in The Post-Pandemic Era

Check this out. What you will see are the findings of one of several studies that have demonstrated that commuting time stunts productivity. A couple more specific findings help to flesh this out. In terms of actionability, perhaps the most important learning is that even small reductions in commuting time can make a significant positive difference in productivity. In terms of importance, perhaps the most neck snapping finding is that the negative impact of commuting time is most profound on your most valuable employee assets. 

As a result, we see forward-thinking corporations investing in employee-rentable properties proximal to their work sites.

Bottom Line. And here is the real kicker. Much of this research was done pre-pandemic. One is left to ponder the impact of commuting time on a workforce that has become accustomed to working from home. AND. Since employees typically evaluate their own situations by comparing them with others, what will be the psychological impact of some employees being forced to return to their offices full time while others are placed into a “hybrid” model and still others are allowed to continue to WFH?

I am guessing that 2022 will be an interesting time to watch all of this shake out. Like so many others, I am betting that employee expectations concerning work setting and commutation will never be the same again.

Think about it!

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