Remember The Caregivers

Check this out.  No, you will not find a sappy reminder to keep caregivers in your “thoughts and prayers.” What you will find are some important business considerations for those of us in the healthcare vertical. Like. With the aging of the baby boomers, caregivers are becoming increasingly important members of the broadly defined healthcare team. Translated. They will become important members of our customer base. No, they won’t be making “prescribing decisions,” but they will be bending the ear of practitioners to get what they feel is appropriate care for their care receiver. Drug adherence, efficacy and side effect reporting, and other important pieces of the puzzle are also in their wheelhouses. And. We know precious little about these caregivers. What their habits are, what their thought processes are, what they are doing online and in the social media, etc. 

Bottom Line. Folks, there is a clear opportunity here. Let’s start to work to understand caregivers. They are just going to keep getting more and more important in years to come.

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