Refuge Of The Destitute???

Just when I think I have seen everything!

I just finished reading an article that suggests that Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (PSR’s) should make “house calls” on patients.  Really? Has it finally gotten to the point where “no see” doctors and established treatment protocols are causing the potential reallocation of “feet on the street” to the end user???

Understandably, the article calls into question the potential return on investment (ROI) of such a deployment.  But how about HIPAA?  Or ethics?

The article suggests that rather than trying to “sell” to the patient,  home (or virtual) visits should be aimed at “service.”  Trouble is, if the visit doesn’t sell more drug, where is the ROI?  And why are they using PSR’s?

By the way, how would Accountable Care Organizations, insurers and others responsible for cost containment feel about this?  Three guesses!

Mercifully, the article includes the result of a survey that asked for pharmaceutical marketers’ reactions.  They didn’t like it.

Diagnostically, the article had no comments appended at the time of this writing. Apparently, everyone that read it was left speechless.

I wasn’t. This is an inefficient and scurrilous way to redeploy $200,000 a year PSR’s. This idea needs to be stopped before it gains any headway!

For entertainment value only, check it out (speaking of intrusive marketing, you will have to click to close the advertisement that pops up) at:

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