Three Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Marketing Researchers Must Care About Physician Burnout

April 2020

The presentation is from an Intellus Webinar on April 2, 2020 by Dr. Richard Vanderveer, Chief Innovation Officer/ThinkGen. Dr. Vanderveer speaks about physician burnout and the reasons this is important to include in pharmaceutical market research. He shares details about the frequency and seriousness of the problem, the fact that morally we should make sure that we don’t make the problem any worse, and the bottom line which is that burnout can be an important segmentation variable, especially when we are marketing/market researching products that place significant burdens on physician time and effort.

Stepping Into Your Customer's Shoes: An Effective Approach to Teaching Empathy

November 2018

The video is from a presentation at the Intellus Worldwide conference in November 2018 - Stepping Into Your Customer’s Shoes: An Effective Approach to Teaching Empathy with Heather Flaherty, ThinkGen, Allicyn Aubut, Sarepta Therapeutics & Kevin Rohrbach, Rare Advocacy Movement.

Understanding Consumers' Habits to Market More Effectively

February 2019

This presentation is from the 2019 New Jersey Pharma Market Research Conference and is being narrated by Noah Pines, President, and Ray Abaskharon, Vice President, of ThinkGen. To download this presentation, click here.

The Intersection of Competitor, Customer and Internal Mindset

May 2018

This presentation is from the 2018 San Fransisco Pharma Market Research Conference narrated by Ray Abaskharon, ThinkGen Vice President.

To download the video, click here.

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