Predicting The Post Covid-19 Future

Check this out. Download these survey results from Skipta and think about them. Huge survey sample here, with important results available for free. Why wouldn’t you give this a spin?

What you will see are important findings. Very interesting when I compare them with the results of the 10 personal conversations I am having with physicians each month in my On Doctors’ MindsSM project. (NOTE:  I am doing this project pro bono. No charge to clients. Want a copy of the monthly findings, including curated video tapes of my conversations with the doctors? Send “I want in” to She will sign you up).

The biggest deal that Skipta sees HCP’s focusing on in wrestling with the future is adapting to the “new normal.” Responding to the changes which the pandemic keeps throwing at them. Yup. In my conversations with doctors every month, I am hearing them talk about the “dynamic” situation. Changes coming at them fast and furious, and in fundamental areas that they never thought would change. Who would think that patient visits would just suddenly disappear in March and April of 2020? Or just as quickly return in early Summer?

And relatedly, finances. Skipta found that to be a hot topic. I am finding the same thing. Practices applying for PPP, furloughing staff, taking 15% cuts in annual revenue, learning to operate with leaner staff and finding it to be very doable and therefore permanent. Again, who would have thought that the finances of medical practice would fundamentally change overnight?

The third big area that Skipta and I have both found to be important as doctors look to the future is patient “engagement.” How to keep patients tapped into the diagnostic and treatment processes when you are interacting with them on Zoom. I talked to two Rheumatologists on Friday that reported exactly the same thing. A lot of the substance of their specialty hinges (Sorry, pun intended) on being able to lay hands on a patient’s joints. No can do on Zoom. Patients also report that they are missing the social aspect of going to the doctor when they are relegated to Telemedicine.  

Bottom Line. Use huge surveys or informal conversations as your basis for predicting the future, and you will find the same thing. HCP’s underlying values remain the same, but lots of logistics are changing to constitute the new normal.

The safest way to predict the future? Survey research to learn the numbers and in-depth conversations to learn the backstory.

Fascinating stuff!

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