Practicing Culturally Competent Medicine

In our last post, we talked about two key factors involved in working toward the elimination of racial disparity in healthcare. 

1. Getting an understanding of basic medical differences that characterize minority patients in important ways that need to be taken into consideration in treating them. 

2. Developing efficient systems for delivery of healthcare to underserved minorities.  

Done deal? Nope. Today we need to add another consideration into the mix. “Cultural Competency.” An understanding of social and cultural factors that need to be taken into consideration in working with minority patients. Differences in their social structures. In their values. In their beliefs. 

Check this out. What you will see is a plan for incorporating cultural competency training into medical education. An increasingly prevalent and important trend in medical schools in the U.S.

Bottom Line. SO. We now have three important factors to take into consideration in working toward eliminating racial disparity in healthcare. Understanding, delivery and now cultural competency. Lots of important things to keep in mind. And worth it!!!

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