Post-Pandemic Priority Shifting

Check this out. What you will see is a really important video from Bob Lederer at RFL Communications. The point being made here?

Numerous agency heads have observed that following the pandemic, virtually everyone is reshuffling their priorities. What was important before COVID-19 struck often isn’t so much anymore. Research suggests that both rich and poor are fundamentally reevaluating who and what “matters” to them given the learnings of the last 18 months. You can almost hear the wagons being circled, with an increasing focus on what is “near and dear.” 

For example. Conversations that I have been having recently with millennials have clearly indicated that they are less than pleased with the notion of returning to the office. After 18 months of working at home, the hour commute each way, that they never questioned before, now seems very onerous. A young lady I spoke with last night, a partner in a major investment firm, reported that she has gotten very used to putting a load of laundry in during the workday and “going for a bike ride at 5 PM.” After Labor Day, this will all disappear. Or will she??? Will a “hybrid” model, involving some days in the office and some days working at home, suffice?

Bottom Line. And the so what? Companies that claim to be empathetic with their customers need to get in touch with this new normal.

Think about what this might mean for your company, its employees, and its products!

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