“Starting to See Some Light”

Check this out. What you will see is one doctor’s take on “First Do Not Harm,” the new movie that I have referred you to previously. Importantly, she believes, as I believe, that at least starting to talk about this issue, to raise consciousness, is a good first step toward seeing “some light.” Notice that she is encouraging her readers to get a showing of the movie in their institutions!

Bottom Line. Frankly, I am more than a little bit annoyed. Much has been written about the negative PR that bedevils the pharmaceutical industry, and I have often commented that we should do something positive to counteract this public perception. 

Nonetheless, I have taken potential involvement with/sponsorship of showing this movie and other consciousness raising activities related to dealing with physician burnout to several pharmaceutical companies. I have also taken the film to an industry organization that will remain nameless and suggested that we have a showing at an upcoming conference to raise our own consciousness on this issue.  Nothing!!!



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