What Family Practice Should Look Like

Check this out. Usually when I do a riff on Pamela Wible, M.D., it focuses on her work in understanding and preventing physician burnout and suicide. This article is the flip side of Pamela. The side that, following her own near suicide, focused on developing an ideal family practice setting. Based on ideas contributed by her patients. No outside funding was necessary. $280 per month rent, $1,200 per year malpractice insurance and NO staff! Read the description of the practice carefully. Picture, with me, the smile on Dr. Wible’s face as she bicycles to and from the office. She works part time, but on a schedule that doesn’t require patients to miss work.

Bottom Line. Yup, the see-a-patient-every-ten-minutes model of Family Practice almost killed this caring doc. What you are looking at here is the “after” picture. After she decided to take control of her practice. And her life.

Heart-warming stuff! Can other physicians be helped to see the light? Dr. Wible is trying to help them do just that, by providing a template for creating a practice like hers.  

Should we help her to help?

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