Leaders Should Always Eat Last

Check this out. What you will see is a rather profound piece on culture. The culture of healthcare in the United States. 

The allusion with which the piece begins is to the Marine Corps. In this august organization, it is the most junior warriors who get to line up first for chow. The leaders get to eat last, assuming that there is any food left. What does this tradition accomplish? Lots of things. It tells the front line that they should trust their commanders. It tells them that they are valued.  

But in U.S. healthcare? We see the reverse. Physicians, who are appropriately presented here as the front lines of medicine, are increasingly found standing at the end of the chow line. Working longer hours. Putting up with more aggravations. Getting less money.

And Hospital Administrators? The rapid growth in their numbers strongly suggests that they are not being overworked. Nor, this blogging physician argues, are they being under-payed. Hospital Administrator burnout? Don’t be ridiculous!

Bottom Line. It is cogently argued here that the U.S. healthcare system is broken, that a major reason that it is broken is that the leaders are not eating last, and that this “culture” has got to be changed if the healthcare system is to be returned to a healthy state itself.

I think that is correct!

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