It’s Okay To Suck

Check this out.  What you will see is a light but important blog by a physician who feels that it is important to distribute uplifting messages to colleagues in the profession. In this  post, the message is that while it is obviously important for an ER doctor not to suck in the line of duty, it is okay for a physician to be less than perfect in other aspects of life.

Bottom Line. While you are at the referenced URL, take a look around. You will see that the entire site is dedicated to the theme of “Physician Heal Thyself.” Many different upbeat posts and graphic elements. Up against the backdrop of physician unhappiness, depression and suicide, and especially with COVID-19 exacerbating an already bad situation, it seems especially important in 2020 to have a physician, especially an ER physician, sharing these upbeat messages with colleagues.

Good job!

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