Is It Doctor, Or Is It “Julia?” What’s In A Name???

Check this out. What you will see is an article that at first glance seems to be sort of vapid. Female physicians tend to be introduced by their first name, while male physicians are introduced as “Doctor ……”  So what???

Actually, SO lots of stuff! The author of this article points out that this seemingly minor discourtesy carries with it a lot of baggage. Like. The insinuation that perhaps female physicians are less dedicated to the profession than are their male counterparts. AND. The realization that female physicians have a more difficult time climbing the academic position ladder. AND. The awareness that female physicians suffer significantly from pay disparity. AND. AND. AND….!

Bottom Line. The message here is clear. The “fix” called for by this article is not just to change the way female physicians are introduced. NOPE! Something far more fundamental needs to be repaired if female physicians, a large and growing percentage of the physician population, are going to get the respect they deserve.

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