Has Medicine Moved From Being Patient-Centered To Being Profit-Centered?

At least one blogging physicians thinks that it has. Check this out. This post sort of goes on forever, but its message is actually a simple one. For medicine, as she so cleverly puts it, “The bottom line is the bottom line.”

Worse, she reports that physicians who have the temerity to advocate for patients are being silenced via a number of very effective mechanisms. And one is left to wonder if one physician faces such censure, how many other doctors are silenced in the process? And by definition, the public never gets to see this stifling process.

Bottom Line. How much of this is going on? Like I said, these repressive processes, by definition, typically do not make their way into the public eye. BUT. I am guessing that with medicine being so tightly managed for profit, and with MBA’s telling MD’s what to do, this kind of behavior is probably fairly rampant. 

Is there anybody out there that does not understand the impact that all of this has on physicians’ use of our products and interactions with our companies? 

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