Doctors Need To Shut Up More, Says This Doctor!!!

Check this out. What you will see is a thought-provoking article by a physician who is also a freelance writer. In it, he questions the topics on which physicians and medical societies should be broadcasting their opinions. Should the AMA, he ponders out loud, have lent its name and gravitas to an article on nuclear disarmament? Having expertise in human anatomy and physiology, this article holds forth, is not the same thing as having expertise in “human safety.”  

Funny thing. Doctors are sort of like celebrities are in the media. Everybody is certainly entitled to have an opinion on virtually any topic, but does the MD after one’s name, or being a movie star or sports figure, really legitimate the extra credibility ascribed to their comments?

Bottom Line. So, here’s the question, folks. Pure and simple. What is the doctor’s appropriate “lane,” and how closely should they stick to it? Think about it!

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