Doctors Do Podcasts

I don’t want you to spend a lot of time on this. Just give “DOCS OUTSIDE THE BOX” a quick scan and listen.

Why?  Here is a doctor helping “ordinary doctors to do extraordinary things.” A lot of the focus here, as we have seen in other physician blogs, is on helping doctors to avoid putting all of their eggs in the basket of clinical practice. As we have discussed before, this “side gig,” “passive income,” etc. movement seems to be growing in scope.

This is both interesting and important to watch. Why? Several reasons. First, I’m guessing that doctors picking up on these other opportunities might well be using them to avoid burnout. That’s a good thing. BUT. Time is a zero-sum game. The time that doctors invest in these side gigs is time that they can no longer invest in learning about our products.

Bottom Line. What will be the net result of all of this for us? Simple. We should expect doctors to increasingly rely on habits, heuristics and other approaches to time saving in their practices. We will need to adjust our promotion and other communications to them accordingly.

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