A Picture of Strength

In this article, you will see Dr. Andrea Eisenberg, the Ob/Gyn pictured above, describe the first time she attended a patient’s funeral. Read the story. What you will see is the story of a doctor who did her level best to take care of a pregnant patient’s breast lump. BUT. The story did not have a happy ending.

Picture how she felt as she walked into this crowded viewing, open casket and all. Feel her gut tighten as she tried to mumble a few appropriate words to the patient’s husband. Takes a lot of guts! And, as she points out, this was far from the last dollop of emotional “burden” that she would have to carry during the course of her career.

Bottom Line. We spend a lot of time here talking about the practicalities of being a physician. Burnout, EMR’s, insurance pre-authorizations and miscellaneous bureaucratic nonsense. BUT. We can often forget the emotional costs wreaked by finding oneself responsible for a patient’s life. And potentially her death. 

I can’t imagine! 

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