7 Hints for Telemedicine During Covid-19

We’ve talked about this before. The last two months have seen a meteoric rise in the number of Telemedicine consults. To say that doctors are learning to do Telemedicine consults on the fly is a great understatement. And there is a lot to learn.  

Check this out. What I expected to see when I read the title would be seven hints on how a doctor can do Telemedicine better. Nope! What you actually see is special advice on how to do Telemedicine in such a way as to avoid getting sued. And that is probably necessary. Telemedicine carries with it special risks. Like lots of new patients mixed in with the old. Like not really being able to examine the patient. Like……

Bottom Line. Perhaps the best recommendation that this MD/MBA makes is that a doctor diving into Telemedicine had better be damn sure that she is covered by her malpractice insurance, and maybe she should consider getting some more.  

Sounds right! Unfortunately!!!

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