What Dr. Rosalind Kaplan Has Learned In Urgent Care

Check this out. What you will see are the initial impressions of a traditional Internist who, apparently out of dissatisfaction with the traditional Internal Medicine practice of 2018, has switched over to working in an urgent care center.

Several interesting things to note here. First, the improvement in her quality of life. As she so eloquently says, in the new setting, unlike in her private practice, “When I’m not at work, I’m not at work.” She works less hours, and feels that she is being more fairly compensated, than in her former life. She is also working with support staff who are genuinely supportive. She is obviously energized by learning new skills and relearning old ones. Pediatrics, x-ray reading, suturing, etc. were not part of her former practice setting, and she is enjoying picking them up.

It is also interesting to note her take on the patients who utilize urgent care. They may be at a “doc in a box,” but she still feels that they are looking for the compassion that they would encounter in a traditional doctor-patient relationship.

Bottom Line. I bet you are thinking what I am thinking. This doctor has found a way to self-medicate for an impending case of serious physician burnout. 

 While she understandably observes that urgent care is not the cure for our “broken” healthcare system, it does seem to be serving a significant function for her and her patients as well. 

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