Medical School Side Hustles


Note: The first half of this blog was delivered on Tuesday, August 14. While half a blog is not necessarily better than none . . .  we wanted you to get the whole thing. The entire blog appears below. Sorry for the computer glitch.

Check this out. What you will see is a list of side hustles that a financially sophisticated doctor proffers as being workable for medical students. Forget them! The list of hustles is not the interesting part of the post. To me, the interesting part of the post is the blogger’s belief that financial sophistication, in the form of having passive income side hustles, is a headset that begins early or not at all. He even talks specifically about a “hustle mindset.”

Bottom Line. Adding on to the previous blog that offered us a Mindset Marketing ResearchSMdimension of Financial Sophistication, let’s add in a dimension of “Hustle Mindset.”

How many dimensions will we eventually wind up mapping out to provide us with a robust picture of physician Mindset?

The fact that we don’t know the answer to that question is what is going to make this interesting!

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