Enhancing Physician “Visibility”

Check this out. What you will see is a 5-step guide to help physicians to increase their “visibility.” To help them to better “brand” themselves. Fascinating notion. Got me scratching my head as to why a physician would need to do that.

The answer came to me after a rereading and further thought. It’s simple. Every physician does NOT need to do this. But think about those who do!

As it made clear in this post, physicians looking for money from side gigs need to brand themselves and make themselves more visible using techniques such as “search word optimization.” SWO. If a doc wants to pick up some extra change by engaging in medical-legal consulting on a particular topic, for example, it’s the only way to go.

BUT. At a more local level, I also see doctors profiting from pursuit of visibility and branding. On Hilton Head Island, SC, for example, there are lots of senior citizens with lots of orthopedic sequelae of their age. Interestingly, rather than just branding themselves as Orthopods, local doctor here have developed reputations in specific procedures. Need a knee replaced? Dr. Dean is the man. Shoulder problems? Call Dr. Scott.  Spinal issues? Jeff Reuben or his partner Karl Boatright are the go-to guys here. And my quick check reveals that their reputations are not just through word of mouth. These guys obviously have SWO down to an art form, and brand themselves very nicely on the Internet.

Bottom Line. All interesting stuff. The physician who wrote this blog post positions herself as expert in: 

Marjorie Stiegler M.D.

As I continue to ponder “stuff” that we need to know about a physician to better understand her Mindset, I am definitely adding dimensions related to “positioning” and “visibility” to my list!


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