Doctors And “Gun Sense”

Check this out. What you will see is a really strange debate that has been going on for some time now. The question? What is the appropriate role of physicians in preventing gun violence?

Lots of different ways of looking at this. This article, for example, argues that physicians have a special perspective on gun violence because it is doctors that get to patch up the results of the carnage. Got that!

Conversely, some lawmakers have historically believed that physicians should have absolutely no role in preventing gun violence, going so far as to pass laws “gagging” doctors to prevent them from discussing gun ownership with their patients. These laws have largely been reversed.

Relatedly, the NRA recently told doctors to “stay in their own lane” and stay the heck out of the gun business. This snotty comment of course brought forth a tremendous backlash. And so it goes. Back and forth.

Bottom Line. SO. What is the role of an individual physician in preventing gun violence? How about this simple answer? Anything she wants it to be. Just like everybody else!

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