Physician Leadership in a Digital World

Check this out.  What you will see is the WEB presence of a physician/entrepreneur who assists physicians in developing their “profitable brands on line.” Just let your eyes roam across the site to get a feel for what she is up to. As usual, all of this got me to thinking…

More specifically, I thought about the fact that here on Hilton Head Island, SC, PCP’s are in amazingly high demand and short supply. When one thinks of “underserved” areas, I tend to think stereotypically of places like Appalachia, not well-to-do resort golf destinations with lots of senior citizens like HHI. BUT. Many of my friends scour the area to find a PCP that will take them into the practice. “First Appointments” are often six months out, if you can get one. Too few doctors, with many who have already “Gone Concierge,” seem to be accounting for this state of affairs.

My point? PCP’s here don’t seem to need much of a sophisticated digital presence. Word of mouth seems to do just fine in filling up waiting rooms. 

Bottom Line. All of which brings me to the thought question for the day. What physicians DO need a sophisticated digital marketing strategy? Does it vary by Specialty, Geography, Side-Gig interests? Probably all of the above! And some other things as well.  

Understanding the answer to such questions could help us to understand yet another important aspect of our physician customers in 2019 and beyond!

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