Burnout And Finances

Check this out.  What you will see is an interesting post from a blogging physician whose page carries a message of “Wealth and Wellness.” He believes that physicians errantly start to spend large amounts of money on houses, cars, boats, etc. in an effort to stave off burnout. The result? The extra pressures of financial over-extension actually exacerbate burnout, getting doctors there sooner and deeper. The antidote? Financial independence through prudence.

This doctor believes that his role in life is to help other physicians. As he describes the situation so eloquently:

“I write because a financially independent physician is a better doctor. It provides complete control of your job and allows for work-life balance that will increase satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency at work.”

Bottom Line. Interesting notion. A doctor who is not worried about money is actually likely to be a better doctor. 

Sounds right!

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