A Drug Company Just Sent This Guy A Big Check!!!

Check this out.  What you will see is a Time Magazine story that reports on techniques that pharmaceutical companies use to “hook people on their costly drugs.” We are all obviously familiar with co-pay cards and similar tactics. But I must confess that I was not aware that drug companies are actually sending out checks to patients who could not otherwise pay the cost of their drugs. The psychologist pictured above, for example, just received a check for almost $3,000 to help him to cover the cost of Enbrel. Reportedly, Amgen will send a patient up to $12,000 a year to help to defray the cost of the drug.

Interestingly, even in a world where the propriety of virtually everything is being questioned, such payments are perfectly legal as long as the patient is not on a Federal Government health plan that covers prescriptions. Not surprisingly, however, these cash-based assistance plans are now coming under increasing scrutiny.

Bottom Line. The headline of this piece is the head scratcher. It clearly suggests that drug companies that use cash reimbursement techniques are doing something that is, well, wrong. 

Are they? 

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