Patient Compliance???

We have all heard, and marveled at, stories of “grapefruit sized” tumors being surgically excised from patients. But check this beauty out. What you will likely be amazed and horrified to read is the story of a woman, pictured above, who had a tumor of 132 pounds removed.  It was growing at 10 pounds a week and was quite likely to kill her within a couple of weeks if not removed. Every time I see a case like this, I would like to talk to the patient post -surgery and ask what the heck they were thinking that let them get into this state to begin with. I understand the defense mechanism of denial, but this is sort of over the top. Bottom Line. What does all of this have to do with the “patient compliance” title? Simple. Cases like this are a profound reminder that patients are not necessarily approaching their health care in a rational way. SO. We need to understand the headsets of patients that allow themselves to get into this state, and find out what we can learn from these cases that we can generalize to dealing with the population at large. 

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