Our Buddy The “Country Doctor” Reads The Harvard Business Review???

Yes, he does! Check this out. What you will learn is that this MD in rural Maine has figured out something rather important. You see, he has recognized that a Primary Care Physician manages the healthcare costs of $8,500 per year per patient. That means that in an average PCP practice, the doc is managing a $12-$17,000,000 business. He is a CEO!

AND. The Country Doctor has figured out that the average CEO works far fewer hours than does the average doc. More importantly, he has also come to the realization that one of the most important things that a CEO does with his time is “think.”  Where, he understandably wants to know, is that activity built into the physician’s day?

Bottom Line. Wow! This blogging doctor has a really good point here! We talk about patient throughput, time spent on electronic medical records, continuing education, keeping up to date. But how much time does the average doctor really get to “think?” To strategize, evaluate options, ponder results and do the things that other CEO’s spend a significant percentage of their time on? BTW, how well is the average doctor trained to engage in these activities?

AND. Most importantly. What are the effects of doctors giving short shrift to CEO-like “thinking?” What indeed!

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