One Confused Physician

Check this out. What you will see is the rather amusing story of the day that Dr. Anthony Fleg, pictured above, unknowingly held a 20 minute “telehealth” visit with a patient who was sitting in an examination room in his clinic.  In a day comprised mostly of virtual visits, he had missed the intake note that said “Room 11.” A sign that things were starting to “open back up” in primary care. Also, a sign of just how confused the pandemic has gotten all of us, with those in the front lines of healthcare being particularly vulnerable.

Bottom Line. Sitting here as July transitions into August 2021, I wonder. I wonder what kind of confusion will be caused by the CDC once again flip-flopping on mask recommendations for the vaccinated. By Pfizer and the FDA trying to make sense of the need (?) for a booster shot. By doctors once again, without much guidance from anybody, trying to decide whether to close their offices and revert to telehealth. 

Every single doctor with whom I have held a conversation during the monthly iterations of my On Doctors’ MindsSM  project has told me that it has been confusion that has been the worst part of the pandemic. Lack of guidelines. Inconsistent guidelines. Unclear future. Unclear timing. You name it. 

As I listen to the news today, I think that we are unfortunately not done with this confusion!  

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