Understanding the New Paradigm of Personalized, Omnichannel Marketing

In late 2020, ThinkGen initiated its On Doctors’ MindsSM project (ODM) V1.0. The purpose of this project, which continued through much of 2021, was to update our clients, and ourselves, on the kinds of impact that the COVID-19 pandemic was having on office-based practitioners in high-value specialties.  “Conversations,” i.e. “Open Mic” recording sessions with sample physicians, were conducted to allow the doctors an opportunity to identify for us the various ways in which the coronavirus was having an impact on them. The final set of findings from V1.0 can be found by clicking here.

In 2022, as we enter what some are calling the “endemic” period, when we learn to live with the various variants of COVID as we do the flu, ThinkGen is launching ODM V2.0. Here, the focus is on “The Psychology of Engagement.” More specifically, it is generally agreed that the pandemic simply hastened a process that was already underway, i.e., the death of the “one size fits all,” and/or the “reach x frequency” models of pharmaceutical promotion. Numerous trade press articles and reports from major consulting firms have highlighted significant differences in what kinds of information individual physicians want and how they want it delivered. Various pundits have observed that pharmaceutical promotion must now be “customized,” or even “individualized,” with “omnichannel” marketing replacing a homogenized reliance on “A Message” being consistently delivered by a pharmaceutical sales representative. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is being invoked as a way, perhaps the only way, to accomplish this customization. But what decision rules will be fed into the AI machinery, and with what desired outcome? 

Note the use of the term “engagement” here.  It is purposefully vague and all-encompassing, covering live presentations, the use of digital media, loyalty-building exercises such as promotional dinner meetings, etc. It also connotes the extent to which a physician is “attached” to a particular company. 

Facing what amounts to an entirely new paradigm in pharmaceutical marketing, ThinkGen is once again working with our clients to explore these issues on an ongoing, in-depth basis. As with V1.0, this work is being done on a multi-client basis at no cost. Quite simply, all our clients need to get an understanding of the Psychology of Engagement as it is being recast in 2022, and so do we.

Results of the project will be emailed out to you on a weekly basis in the form of brief “Insight Capsules.” Expect the first one to drop in your inbox in the next few days. Curated videos of our conversations with physicians will be provided as appropriate, with full integrative reports being produced quarterly. Our first quarter ODM is going to cover three medical specialties that are of greatest interest to our clients at the present time: oncologists, neurologists, and dermatologists. We are speaking with 10 HCPs within each specialty over the next few weeks and offering an “open mic” opportunity for them to weigh in on the topic of engagement. 

Want to have your own personalized debriefing with the ThinkGen researchers having these conversations?  Send a note to Kathy O’Connell at kathy.oconnell@think-gen.com to arrange a time. 

If you are not already enrolled to receive these Insight Capsules in your inbox, you can enroll by clicking here.

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