On Doctors’ Minds April/May 2021

ThinkGen, partnering with Olson Research, has just released its findings from the April/May edition of our ongoing On Doctors’ MindsSM project. The in-depth conversations held with physicians this time around were scheduled and oriented so as to provide our clients with insights from physicians as to what the post-pandemic “reopening” will look like.  

Take five minutes of your time and listen to four physicians, discussants in the April/May round of conversations, talk about what the “new normal” is going to look like. Guess what! It’s going to look pretty much like the old normal!!! You will hear two physicians comment, as so many of our respondents have, that “virtual details” just take too much time to fit into their schedules. You will hear a PCP describe the lunches that are brought in for her staff every day by Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives seeking to gain presentation time and build relationships within the practice, and finally you will hear a Cardiologist describe the important role that samples, delivered by PSRs, continue to play in his practice.

Bottom Line. Despite all of the talk about pharmaceutical promotion changing fundamentally and going digital, that’s not really what the new normal is shaping up like. Yogi Berra said it so well. “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

You can enroll in our ODM program here: https://mailchi.mp/think-gen/odmenroll2

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