Okay, Maybe This Doctor Really Is “The Medical Intellectual!!!”

In last Thursday’s post, we talked about Dr. Arbindi’s informed perspectives on the changing role of pharmacists and the impact that corporate policies have on this morphing profession.

Here is one more from his collection of really well thought out pieces. Here, Vamsi offers up practical recommendations on ways to reduce gun violence. He comes at this from the perspective of a physician who has to sew up the wounds that guns cause. He also happens to be a gun owner, who can talk rationally about the role that private gun ownership has played in bringing liberty and freedom to the citizens of many countries.

Examples of his ideas for rationality here begin with things that we should NOT focus on. Why, he reasonably asks, do we focus so much invective on “assault rifles” when they are involved in only 3% of gun violence. Why, he similarly inquires, does California and some other states limit magazine capacity to 10 bullets, when the VA. Tech shooter got around this limitation by carrying 19 of these 10 shell magazines when he set out to do his dastardly deed?  

His recommendations as to what we should do are twofold. First, he recommends developing a policy in the press that stops hyping mass shootings and shooters. Copycat shootings follow such publicity.

He also recommends a policy of tracking and banning the purchase of large numbers of magazines by one individual at one time. If ever there was a marker for impending trouble, he rationally argues, this is it!

Bottom Line. Dr. Arbindi’s thoughts on this issue are, to me, like a breath of fresh air. Following the recent Aurora shootings, where a disgruntled employee took five lives with a handgun, I once again am left to watch a string of news casts, and read a bevy of editorial comments, that call for “gun control.” This coverage encourages copycat shootings. AND. Provides no guidance as to what changes the demonstrators/letter writers are seeking. There already was a law in place that should have precluded, based on his previous criminal record, this shooter from owning a gun.

More generally, I am going to keep a close eye on The Medical Intellectual’s blog and will keep you apprised of what I consider to be his most profound offerings. If you get impatient, subscribe to his blog and read all of them yourself. I think that they are worth it. 

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