Nurses Strike!!! Why Not Doctors???

Trigger alert. The URL you are about to be sent to contains an article written by a resident physician and published in Left Voice. If you are ready to chow that down, click here.

Key points that you will read. The American medical system is broken. Yup! WHO ranks it 37thin the world, despite our huge per capita spend on healthcare. Wow! Etc.  

So, what does this budding young physician think doctors should do about this? Organize! Strike! Not for better pay or better hours, but for the kinds of patient care improvements that nurses in NYC and other locales have been striking for.

Bottom Line. I buy the author’s premise that physicians should be far more vocal than they have been about healthcare issues. And I buy the notion that they need to get more “organized” to get their voices heard. But frankly, the image of doctors walking picket lines doesn’t thrill me.  

Has it really come to that?

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