Insurance Companies That Can Kill

Check this out. What you will see is the story of a lawsuit against AETNA for denying coverage for a potentially lifesaving therapy for the woman pictured above. The outcomes? She died. AND. The insurance company was ordered to pay her family $25 Million.

We have talked many times before about the deleterious impact that insurance company “prior-auths,” denials, and other interventions can have on patients’ health. But here we get some new insight. Like the medical directors admission that they had spent more time preparing for the litigation than they had making the denial decision.  

Bottom Line. Read the story yourself. I am guessing that you will get as angry as I did! But think about the context in which this story is written. And answer the question in the headline. Will the “mega-merger” of AETNA and CVS make this kind of travesty even more likely?

My guess? Yup!

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