Check this out. What you will here is a doctor on the way to work, pondering if “there is still normal” or “nothing is normal.” Mercifully, he spares us the now hackneyed “the new normal.”  

Interesting. Evidence that he brings to the debate are signs posted outside the hospital thanking healthcare providers for the work that they are doing. AND. The sound of a bagpipe playing a dirge of mourning. AND FINALLY. The cursing of two drivers who have had an unfortunate vehicular encounter. Screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. Do they not see the signs? Do they not hear the bagpipe? Is some stripped varnish really that important?

Bottom Line. Having read this piece over several times to make sure I didn’t miss any of its meaning, I am left to ponder the impact that the pandemic is having on our world views. If things were “normal,” the signs would not have been on the hospital lawn, and the bagpipe would not have been wailing. And perhaps, just perhaps, the drivers would have been a little more focused on the silly accident at hand, rather than using the event as a cathartic opportunity to express the frustration that the pandemic has engendered in all of us. What will “normal” look like if/when this is all over? 

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