Check this out.  What you will see is a pithy post by Seth Godin. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I have long been a big fan of Seth’s work. I even personally paid for Seth to come and present at a PMRG in Florida meeting when there was still a PMRG and there were still meetings.

In this piece, Seth once again displays his passion, which I share, for understanding the psychological nuances of words. Someone offering to give you some “feedback,” for example, rarely makes you feel warm and fuzzy. You know you are about to get criticized.  

When someone asks your “advice,” on the other hand, you know you had best have a good answer lest you look like an idiot.  

When someone asks you to “noodle” on something, however, you are both likely to be on safe ground.  

Bottom Line. Fascinating stuff. It’s not just important to think about the denotations and connotations of words that we are considering using. We also need to consider the psychological ramifications as we make our semantic choices!

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