No Time To Wait

Check this out. What you will see is a story outlining a new campaign, being mounted by Pfizer and BMS, aimed at getting patients experiencing symptoms that might be AFib, DVT or PE to go their doctors. NOW! Both companies are painfully aware of the data showing that patients are staying away from their physicians in droves as a result of the pandemic. They are also painfully aware that this absenting is causing them big bucks. So, they are sending patients to this URL to get them motivated to show up at their practitioners’ offices.   

Bottom Line. Read the story. Check out the URL. As always, I’m thinking a couple of things. First, I’m thinking that the two companies are pursuing a worthy goal. There is little doubt that patients are dying because of pandemic-based avoidance of physicians’ offices.  

But second, I am scratching my head pondering: 

1. How likely patients are to ever get to this URL, and

2. How likely its content is going to be to motivate them to make an appointment with their doctors?

I’m unfortunately going with “not very” as my answer to both of these questions. Which leaves me to ponder. How can this worthy goal be better accomplished?  

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