“No One is in Charge” of US Public Health

Check this out. What you will see is a summary statement on the COVID pandemic, and more generally on the state of public health in the United States, from a blogging psychiatrist.

Doubtless he is correct in his perception that millions of pious Jews prayed to God during the recent Days of Awe that He extinguish COVID-19. Sadly, the blogger has come to conclude that the results of the last 19 months have strongly suggested to him that “No one up there is listening or responding.”

Likewise, he opines that no one on earth is really running public health either. In the US, is it the CDC or the FDA? Nope! The President? Nope again! WHO? Nah! Tony Fauci seems like the answer that is closest to the truth, and despite his expertise and constant TV appearances, that’s just silly.

And what comes out of this? Constant confusion! My wife and I were very clear that, according to Biden’s pronouncement and what I heard from my Volunteers In Medicine physicians, everyone who got Pfizer #1 and #2 should get a booster shot eight months thereafter. Off we went to the pharmacy department of our local grocery store(!), and got the shots. No questions asked. Two weeks later, we find that the FDA is now only recommending the shot for the immunocompromised and those over 65 (Thankfully, Casey and I are in the latter group and not the former!), with the CDC yet to weigh in, the Moderna and J&J vaccine boosters still up for grabs, and Dr. Fauci labeling the FDA vote against universal boosters as “not the end of the story.”

Bottom Line. Both in the heavens and here on Earth, the fact that no one is really in charge of public health is a problem that has been brought into focus by the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now it needs to be fixed!

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