“Next Level” Physicians

Check this out.  We have talked about this kind of thing before. But here it comes again. Physicians building “side gig” careers by helping other doctors design and build their own careers. This offering is slicker and more multi-faceted than some we have looked at in the past. AND. This one is geared just to female physicians. Watch Dr. Maisha’s video. It takes one minute. It talks about the importance of female physicians having dreams that guide their careers. Attend one of the free seminars listed. Explore the curricula. Why? Because this kind of activity is what growing numbers of our physician customers are pursuing. Learning entrepreneurship, which Maisha correctly points out is NOT taught in medical school.

Bottom Line. Exploring this site left me with two takeaways. First, I am thinking that programs like this, if done correctly and pursued assiduously, can be major antidotes for physicians who might otherwise succumb to burnout. Second, I am thinking that if this is where growing numbers of our customers are going to seek guidance,  we should be watching this trend closely.  

Maybe we should even get involved???

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