Check this out. What you will see here are a lot of important observations and very meaningful words.  Like the assertion that COVID-19 caused the “moral crippling” of ICU nurses. Code for they could no longer do their jobs, the way they used to love to do their jobs, during the pandemic. Too many patients. Too little PPE.

And the irony of hospitals offering ICU nurses $5,000-$6,000 a week in compensation. In exchange for putting themselves and their families at risk. Feels almost like a perverse bribe, although Lord knows they earned every penny and more.

OH. And the balloons and music at the hospital doors. People yelling that they are heroes. But none of them is feeling like a hero. 

Bottom Line. And the greatest irony of all? The phrases toward the end of the piece. “We finally see the numbers go down. A sigh of relief.” This in piece written just over a month ago.

And the prayer. “Never again.” But here comes Wave 4. Can these nurses do this reprise? Their patients have to hope so!

God bless them one and all!

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