More Telemedicine Consciousness Raising

Check this out.  In the previous blog, we discussed ways to expand our consciousness in terms of the ways in which we should be conceptualizing of telemedicine. New patient groups, new business models, etc.  

This piece provides more fuel for this reconsideration. For example, survey data are demonstrating that patients are increasingly using telemedicine for convenience, not out of desperation bred by COVID avoidance. The meaning of this is clear. Telemedicine is here to stay.

As we have previously discussed, telemedicine is especially key in behavioral health. Isolated, anxious and depressed patients can readily access help. Many of these patients would never have considered going to a psychiatrist or psychologist in “normal” times.

Reimbursement for telemedicine care is a “genie that is out of the bottle.” Previously uncovered by many insurers, telemedicine is now being reimbursed by most. BUT. Since telemedicine visits are typically shorter than in person sessions, the rate at which they should be reimbursed will be a work in progress.  

Bottom Line. Put the previous blog together with this one and you get a clear picture that telemedicine is not just “same old.” The available platforms open up significant opportunities for exciting new business models. 

We need to think this through AND begin to contemplate how pharmaceutical marketing can be integrated into telemedicine. It’s a brave new world!

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